Smart Team Activity

SMART Team Meeting Minutes August 12, 2017

We had another successful Hospital night on August 12. There were some great speakers and everyone had a really good time. I would like to thank all the folks that donated silent auction items and those that bought them. Special thanks to Robyn Dulac for the music and the Canteen Unit for putting on a great spaghetti dinner!
Don't forget we are having a Hospital night at the Aroostook Shrine Club in Presque Isle on Sunday Sept. 10 starting at 1:00 PM with a lunch at 2:00 and speakers at 3:00. This will be a fun event. It would be great if we got a lot of folks from the Bangor area to attend.
Thank you to all that helped and attended.
Doug Dulac

S.M.A.R.T Team

Hello everyone,
This is what is going on with the SMART team. For those of you who don’t know what the SMART team is, we are part of the membership committee. We are a group of Shriners and ladies of different ages and tenures. Our mission is to figure out how to keep our members and get new ones. Especially the younger ones. We are doing several things to do that.On August 6 we put on a parking lot party at Anah Shrine which was held to encourage attendance by newer Shriners and Ladies (1st to 3rd year members) and for units to network with prospective members. Units/groups present: Lobster Boats, Keystone Kops, Daughters of the Nile, Sunshine Club,and others. Approximately 150 people attended. $5 per person for meals, admission was
free. New Shriners and ladies were given free meals and also wristbands to identify them as new(er) and names were collected. We had great feedback on this new party format. Of ourse all Shriners and families were welcome. We raised about $2,000 for this event. Great for the first time.We held our second Trunk or Treat: Friday, October 28, 5-7pm. Ryan and Brooke Otis headed this up. We had several units come and decorate a “trunk”. This was a great success with 850 kids attending plus parents, etc.We also sold firewood again this year a few locations. We hope to have more locations next year. If anyone has any ideas of good spots please let us know.We are planning on donating some money to the Bangor-Brewer Shrine Club’s
Christmas party again this year. We are always looking for new members as part of our team. If you are interested let me know.

Doug Dulac

SMART Team Meeting Minutes August 23, 2016

The SMART team met at Doug and Robyn Dulac’s house at to split and bundle firewood, have a BBQ dinner and meet at 7:00. Present: Doug & Robyn Dulac, Nanette & Robbie Jarvis, Ryan & Brooke Otis, Ryan Wilson, Jesse Thomas, Present by phone: Bob Turner, Tom & Duffy Woods

Old Business discussion

1. The August 6 parking lot party at Anah Temple was held to encourage attendance by newer
Shriners and Ladies (1st to 3rd year members) and for units to network with prospective members.
Units/groups present:
Lobster Boats Keystone Kops, Daughters of the Nile, Sunshine Club, others. Approximately 150 people attended. $5 per person for meals, admission was free. New Shriners and ladies were given free meals and also wristbands to identify them as new(er) and names were collected.
We had great feedback on this new party format.
a. Proceeds: $1050 meals, $780 fire ring raffle, $265 50/50, for a total of $2095.
b. JR Mitchell provide d music at no charge, Fred and Monica Patterson donated a fire ring to raffle off, Gary Jordan donated a cord of split firewood. Ryan suggested $100 gift cards to thank
JR, the Pattersons and Gary Jordan for their support. Doug bought Rollie’s gift cards and will turn in the receipt to the Anah office.
c. Discussion for next year: most things worked great, small tweaks only for next year. Request an August 2017 date immediately. Set up tables, smaller dance area, s’mores were a hit, wristbands did work to identify new people, may do a bean hole bean supper next year(need to build a cooking pit), bounce housefor kids, take phone numbers for the fire ring raffle, relocate games to the middle,discussed longer hours, but don’t want to discourage people from staying the entire event.
2. Cash in Account: Doug turned in the Parking Lot Party proceeds to the Anah office as requested.
3. Membership Seminar: Doug recommended sending Ryan and Victoria Wilson to the Tampa
Membership conference October 13-15. Approximate cost is 1000 per couple.
All agreed to send Ryan and Victoria; they headed up the event that raised the money. (We
previously voted to send one couple if funds could be raised.) Others going to Tampa: Doug
(Membership Chair) & Robyn Dulac, Adam (Membership Committee) & Jaime Beals, Ryan Membership Committee) & Brooke Otis. We expect four couples going will really spark membership efforts, and continue the SMART team’s goal to attract younger Nobles with families and reverse the slow decline in membership numbers for Anah.
4. Trunk or Treat: Friday, October 28, 5-7pm. Ryan and Brooke Otis are planning this.
Need units to come and decorate a “trunk”. Was in the August Anahgram, will be in September and October. A letter to unit heads is planned to solicit participation.
Ryan suggested flyers at Ceremonial on Sept 17 and flyers on the tables and posters that evening for Noble Appreciation Night. FMI: Call Ryan at 207-469-5604.
5. Wood sales at Anah building-need to build a shack for camp wood sales. Bob said OK to do this. We need to bundle firewood leftover from the party stacked behind the building.

New Business

6. Involve new(er) Nobles-How do we bring 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Nobles and Ladies to events and involve them? Ryan W. suggested a “We need your help” letter appeal to top line signers.
Ryan thinks we should have a long term outlook for this to gain traction and continue fundraising efforts to provide funds for our membership efforts beyond the scope of the temple’s membership budget. Ryan O. said Vidalia onion fundraisers work well in other temples; could potatoes or something similar work here. (Why not Vidalia onions?)
7. SMART team web page? In the past, Janice has posted things, such as SMART team minutes or
the Ceremonial schedule, on the lower left of the homepage, but can we have
our own web page set up as we wish and add content?
Need to discover a process to communicate with the webhosting company and coordinate approvals with parties at Anah (divan, Potentate, recorder, etc.?) to develop this idea fully, and not depend on Janice’s kindness to help us out with quick fixes.
8. Potentate Bob Turner announced there are Candidates for the special Ceremonial on September 17. Candidates report at 9:30 and degree work is at 10:30. There will be no Second Section, Ladies Orientation, or afternoon program. Bob thanked all of us for our efforts.
Next meeting: September 27, at 6:30 pm at the temple (4th Tuesday) Conference line: 641-
715-3580 Meeting ID: 140043

SMART Team Meeting Minutes: September 27, 2016

SMART Team Meeting Minutes:
September 27, 2016 The SMART team met at Anah Shrine at 6:30pm.
Present: Adam Beals, Ryan & Victoria Wilson, Ryan Otis, Brad Prout, Steve Trimm
Present by phone: Jesse Thomas, Tom & Duffy Woods
Old Business
Firewood fund raiser wood shed: Jesse Thomas said Crescent Lumber will provide materials. He and Denny Smith will build it. Camp wood bundles for $5 will be on sale at the Shrine building. W e still need to split and wrap the wood piled be hind the temple. (Doug will get a splitter . 4 - 6 people are needed, possibly Friday, Oct 21 or Saturday morning, Oct 22. Please RSVP Doug 478 - 2270 if you are available .)
October 28 Trunk or Treat - Ryan and Brooke Otis: There will be 2 bounce houses this year, and simil ar activities to last year (balloon gam e, bean bag toss, crafts, etc.). The event will run from 5 - 7 , open to the public . The Wheelers, Second Section and Keystone Kops are planning to come , maybe more, and we want to solicit as many more units to set up trunks with treats as possible. With last year’s huge success, there is a great need for candy donations. Ryan O. suggested we ask people to donate a bag of candy at the Potentate’s Party and will talk to Phyllis about that.
Parking Lot Party follow up: Tentative date for 2017 is August 26. Tentative date for 2018, requested by Brad Prout for his Potentate year, is August 18.
New Business
Website - Robyn Dulac: The SMART team should consider taking on the Anah website as a project. We could consider how people use it (Shriners, Ladies, Units, Clubs, prospective Shriners & the public), brainstorm imp rovements by researching other websites, come up with a workable plan and help put it in place. The website can potentially reach more people than Facebook. All present agreed there is room for improvement . Ryan W. said managing a website could be a huge time commitment. It is a big project to tackle , so how do we start? We discussed forming a committee of interested people both off and on the SMART team. Brad recommended a first step should be to bring the idea to the Potentate and the Divan at their next meeting and offered to do that.
Membership Seminar: Four Anah couples are attending the Tampa Membership conference mid - October. We expect to netw ork and bring home many good ideas to try at Anah. (Forming a SMART team was inspired by an idea from this conference in 2014.)
Shirts: The Membership Team now has shirts and the first order is in at WS Emerson; $25 each, in ladies and men’s sizes. They a re short - sleeve, orange polos with Anah Shrine Membership on one side, names on the other. The SMART team has that added to the logo. Please contact Doug at 478 - 2270 to order or ask about a previously ordered shirt.
Lifetime Membership Fundraiser idea - Brad Prout: Brad thinks we should hold a raffle of one or two Lifetime Memberships to raise money to send a couple to the Tampa Membership Seminar in 2017. Suggested price $10 per ticket for a fixed number of tickets. Ryan O. volunteered Tom Woods to hea d up this project. (We welcome Tom and Duffy Woods as the newest SMART team members!)
Respectfully submitted, Robyn Dulac