9AM - Noon

Admitting that you need help caring for a child is difficult. 
Arranging for that care can seem overwhelming. 
Because we know that it can be difficult to make the trip to Shriners Children's in Springfield or Boston, MA., the Anah Shriners arrange for LOCAL and NO COST Pre-Screening Clinics every spring here in Northern Maine.

PLEASE SHARE this info with anyone that you think may benefit from the help of Shriners Children's.

Extraordinary care puts children first.

The professionals at Shriners Children's believe in family-centered care. The child and family are at the heart of the medical team. Every treatment chosen, every decision made is geared toward giving a child the skills and abilities to live a healthy, productive life.
The care given is the best in the world, and many techniques and treatments that are common in hospitals around the country today were pioneered at Shriners Children's.